Modesto CA DMV Services

Modesto CA DMV Services: The Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) in Modesto CA has become a recognized leader in public service by providing good quality services related to motor vehicles and licensing.

Modesto CA DMV Services

Modesto CA DMV Services

The State of California has over 33 million registered vehicles with about 23 million licensed drivers. If you live in Modesto and wish to get a driving license or you require other vehicle related services, you can approach the local offices of Modesto CA DMV.

The two most important functions of the Modesto CA DMV are registering vehicles and licensing their drivers.

Modesto CA DMV Services

However, the department also supervises and maintains several other functions such as :

  • Recording ownership of the vehicles DMV registers
  • Registering and recording ownership of vessels
  • Maintaining driving records of licensed drivers
  • Issuing identification cards for individuals
  • Licensing and regulating driving and traffic violator schools and their instructors
  • Licensing and regulating vehicle manufacturers, transporters, dealers, distributors, vehicle salespeople, and dismantlers
  • Investigating consumer complaints
  • Administering the Financial Responsibility Law
  • Maintaining records in accordance with the law

Modesto CA DMV Services for Everyone

Each of the states in the United States has a Department of Motor Vehicles that takes care of the various vehicle related needs of the citizens such as issuing driving permits and licenses, personal identity cards, and registrations for both commercial and personal vehicles such as motorcycles, cars, trucks, and boats.

Whether its for getting a license or for renewals of registration or traffic violations, everyone has to get in touch with the DMV at one point or another in their lives. So its worthwhile knowing where the local offices are.

Modesto Ca DMV Office

Website: Modesto Ca DMV
Address: 124 Burney St, Modesto, CA
Phone Number: (800) 777-0133

The Modesto CA DMV office is situated at  124 Burney St. Modesto CA 95354 and the DMV hours Modesto Ca are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Modesto CA DMV offices is closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

The driver’s licenses have often become an important proof of identity for many purposes, and DMVs are the sole agents responsible for verifying identity in their respective states. In some states the DMV also regulates private driving schools and their instructors.

The state’s Driver’s manual is issued by all DMVs, which all drivers are expected to know and follow. DMVs are also responsible for enforcing state and federal laws regarding motor vehicles.

So if you need a driver’s license or driver certification or vehicle registration or certificate of ownership of automotive vehicles in The City of Modesto CA, the Modesto CA DMV office is the agency that would take care of your needs.

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